What Is Unconditional Strength?

Traditional exercise and conventional wisdom with regards to health and wellness are outdated and antiquated. Traditional exercise programs utilize body part splits emphasizing bodybuilding type movements and long bouts of aerobic or “cardio” training in between. That's all well and good if you are a bodybuilder or trying to compete as a bodybuilder, but that is not the way body functions. The body functions as an integrated unit, that needs to be efficient in all facets including strength, power, and endurance. This is where Unconventional Strength separates itself from your typical gym or personal training studio. Our emphasis is on utilizing unconventional tools such as TRX, Battle Ropes, Sandbags, Steel Maces, and Kettlebells to create workouts that satisfy all of the requirements of the human body within each workout program. Our coaching emphasizes proper movement mechanics (aka making sure clients are performing the movements correctly and with the right musculature), scaling to the client’s individual limits and challenging those limitations to create change. The results are workouts that are efficient, simple to learn and promote a healthy, stable, strong body without movement limitations.

The Tools of Uncon

TRX (Suspension Training): TRX is more than just those “bands” you see hanging up in gyms across the country. It is the most versatile piece of equipment, used for everyone from pro athletes to physical therapy patients. The TRX motto is “all core all the time” and the Straps help promote that core integration into every movement, building more lean muscle and burning more calories in the process.. Unconventional Strength is the one of only two TRX Premier Facilities in Central Florida and offers the highest level of coaching and expertise of Suspension Training. TRX promotes simple, quality, efficient workouts that challenge the body to function as a unit, requiring stability, mobility, and strength. “Make your body your machine.” Check out more info at www.trxtraining.com

Steel Mace: Resiliency and Durability are keys to living a long and quality life. The steel mace is an old world tool that we have discovered new school benefits. Steel Mace is an unbalanced load, typically with 90% of the load in the head of the mace. Each movement requires managing that load, incorporating more stabilizer muscles and healthy joint movement. Rarely anything we do in life is balanced. Life is about rotation and by learning how to manage the forces of rotation. The Steel Mace doesn’t need to be heavy to create this change and can be integrated into anything from yoga movements to MMA conditioning. Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/vknja/

Battle Ropes: Recently made popular in weight loss shows like “Biggest Loser” and seen used by celebrities and athletes alike, Battle Ropes are a more recent invention to the Strength and Conditioning World. John Brookfield, respected Strength and Conditioning Coach introduced the world to the “Battling Ropes” Training Program over 15 years ago, and since then, it has been a pillar of the health and strength community; however, it has also been the most misunderstood piece of equipment. The common thoughts with battle ropes are “grab them, shake them as hard as you can and you get a workout!” In fact, the ropes can train power development, muscular strength in the upper and lower body, along with building aerobic capacity in a way that's safe for your joints, easy to scale for each individual, and produces maximum results. Most of the battle ropes movements at Unconventional Strength you will find few other places and we maintain an elite level of Battle Rope Education through Battle Ropes Education. You can find out more at www.battleropes.org

Kettlebells: The Kettlebell is simple to explain. It looks like a cannonball with a handle on it. When you move the bell it produces force and momentum. Unlike a dumbbell, kettlebells can be moved ballistically with the effort placed into the movement carrying into the bell itself. Some common exercises with the kettlebells are swings, goblet squats, and snatches. Due to the muscles required to manage those forces and produce effort onto the kettlebell itself, Unconventional Strength incorporates the kettlebells into a number of our strength training movements including but not limited to squats, lunges, deadlifts, presses, and carries. You can learn more at https:// www.thoughtco.com/who-invented-the-kettlebell-4038483

Stick Mobility and Mobility Training: Invented only two years ago, Stick Mobility has taken the strength and conditioning community by storm. Currently being utilized by Strength Coaches for USC, Philadelphia 76ers, and WWE Performers, the Sticks are changing the way people think about mobility training. Mobility training is about creating a proper function in the joints and connective tissue of the human body. Limitations in mobility can be precursors to pain, discomfort, and injury. The thought of “normal aches and pains” is incorrect as pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Mobility training incorporates stability, flexibility, and strength. It's not just stretching but instead, stretching and then creating strength at the end range of the stretch to better teach the body not just to be able to reach a new range of motion but instead, be strong there as well. Strength begets resiliency and a resilient body is a pain-free body. Stick Mobility founders Neal Valera, Mitch Taylor, and Dennis Dunphy had an idea how to take Mobility training to the next level. Dowels or Rods have traditionally been used to create more intensity in mobility training; however PVC pipe easily breaks with too much tension on it, and wood rods or dowels are too strong and push back on the client or athlete, limiting progression. Stick Mobility is composed of a pvc/fiber glass composite. This allows for the sticks to be added to traditional mobility and flexibility drills. The system utilizes the Mobility Stick to improve range of motion, muscle activation, coordination, and body awareness to build a strong foundation for enhanced movement. You can learn more at https://stickmobility.com

Sandbags: The name of this tool says it all. Its a bag full of sand. Ranging from 15lbs to 150lbs at Unconventional Strength, the team of coaches utilizes sandbags for one goal: make the body more efficient. Sandbags are what is referred to as odd object training. Its shape is constantly shifting because of the moving sand inside the bags, requiring more systems within the body to manage the load of each movement. That makes the movements themselves more challenging as the body is in a constant state of tension to manage the load and exert the force and stability necessary. By teaching both stability and strength we create functional muscle and balance that applies to everyday life.

Coaching is More than Just Tools

The above list is just a highlight of tools we use to train our clients, all based on their needs, levels, and goals. These tools are nothing without the coaches behind them. We believe in coaching our clients at Unconventional Strength. Whether one on one or in small groups of 4-6, the goal is the same: coach the client to perform the best they can that day. Even in groups, competition is not the client to your left or right, but instead the client themselves. We will coach our clients to their best self; strong and without limitations to their strength. We use the term coach because people need coaches and dogs need trainers. We want clients to learn why we are doing something, to do it because they see the benefit and not just because someone told them to do it. You will not find us staring at our phones while a client moves a sandbag or having idle chat with others during battle rope intervals. Instead, clients can expect us to coach them, motivate them, correct when needed, and compliment when deserved. We have a Three C’s Coaching Cycle: Be Confident in the movement, and Commit to it and the Coaches will Compliment or Correct. The human mind learns by doing and mistakes are ok. That is why we are here to help fix those mistakes, make sure clients do the movements correctly and with sound technique. We adjust as necessary, push the limits of what the client thinks they can do, and help facilitate the change they are looking for. We are not whip-crackers or taskmasters. We are coaches. Let us coach you.

Rules: Leave your Ego at the Door and the stresses of your life at the door. You can pick it up on the way out. Come prepared to learn, work and sweat. Know your limitations but do not be afraid to challenge them.

If you don't know how to do it, slow is fast. No “weaknesses” in the studio: only opportunities to get stronger.

Be unconventional.